Massage Chair Comparison – Sanyo SA 5000 Versus Panasonic 30004

This is a massage chair comparison of the Sanyo SA 5000 and the Panasonic 30004. These are both upper and massage recliners. They both go for about $4000 each. We take a head-to-head approach on evaluating both of these massage chairs. We will review their warranty coverage and also compared their important features.

The Sanyo SA 5000 has an impressive 출장마사지 feature list. This massage chair comes with the GK roller system. This roller system is the reach out and grab you system. It enables the rollers to come over the top of the shoulders. This gives a firm, like massage which is soothing to tense shoulders.

The Panasonic 30004 also comes with some fantastic features. The Panasonic recliner comes with its advanced Junetsu massage therapy. Junetsu is a micro kneading program. This deeply penetrating massage soothes the tightness of muscles and knots. This is one of the most advanced massage therapy programs on the market today.

The Sanyo SA 5000 comes equipped with four automatic massage programs. These are preprogrammed into the computer with different themes. The four automatic programs are the following Stiffness, Recovery, Relax and Fine. Stiffness utilizes the GK rollers and is specialized in the upper back, shoulders and neck. This is a very relieving massage to the upper body.

The Panasonic 30004 is stocked with five automatic programs for your relaxation and pleasure. These programs are intended for different types of massage therapy. The five automatic programs are Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep, Arm stretch and Leg stretch. Traditional shiatsu massage targets your acupoints. The chair will scan your back and identify the acupressure points to release tension in your body.

Sanyo incorporates a stress detector into the SA 5000. The stress detector is actually based on a lie detector technology. It detects where you have tension in your body. By holding on to the sensor under the hand, chair detects and targets your stress points. This is pretty amazing technology into massage chair.

Panasonic has added an upper body and arm stretch capability to the 30004. This massage chair has an airbag contained and the armrest of the chair. This airbag can be used to provide a compression massage to the arm and hand. It is also used to hold the arm in place and recliner chair to stretch out the upper body, shoulders and arms.

The manual massages of the SA 5000 allow the user to choose the massage technique. There are four manual massage techniques and this recliner. This comes with kneading, tapping, rolling and combination massage. Also, manual massage courses are available to massage a specified region or point.

The 30004 comes with manual massage techniques as well. This recliner is loaded with eight manual massage types including Junetsu, shiatsu, kneading, Swedish, stretch, tapping, rolling and grip. The variety of manual methods is quite extraordinary in this massage chair. You are also free to choose from manual courses to contain the massage in a specific in a specific region or area.

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