Running For Health

I used to run cross country and track when I was in college; and while running was what was required of me at the time (because I was on scholarship), I still continue to run even though I am no longer a student.

Running is beneficial in many ways. For starters, there is evidence that shows how those people who run are putting themselves at a much lower risk of having osteoporosis and other types of degenerative bone osf my chart  diseases. Additionally, because it is a purely cardiovascular activity, running helps to regulate your metabolism and keep the weight off. For instance, it is recommended that you get at least 3-4 days of at least thirty minutes of some sort of cardio exercise. Therefore, if you run every day for at least thirty minutes, you’re doing well.

Another benefit of running is that it helps to keep your heart healthy and scares off diseases such as diabetes. If you look around you, most people in the United States are grossly overweight. Women, men, and now children, are walking around with stomachs that hang over their pants, rolls of fat and plenty of health-related problems that go along with it. So, what is the problem? What gives? As it turns out, many people are focused on going to work and then coming home to pig out. Think about it; most of us are so busy working two to three jobs that it often becomes difficult to squeeze our “three meals a day” into our busy schedules. So, what ends up happening is we wind up stuffing our faces at the end of the day because we are starving. However, because we are usually starving, in our rush to put food into our stomachs, we often make poor food choices.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s OK to indulge in the things that you like, just as long as you’re not over-indulging. For instance, you can like sweets. However, every piece of food (literally) counts towards your overall health. If you have a piece of a Snickers bar every hour over the course of a day, for instance, where do you think things will end up? However, if you have a piece of a snickers bar and then the rest of the day you eat fruit, veggies and some type of protein, who have you really hurt? Probably no one.

Running should be complementary to a diet that consists of healthy eating choices, plenty of water and lots of rest. I can remember a few times where I’ve stayed up late in order to get some work done or have skipped meals to get work done only to get up first thing in the morning (exhausted) to go for a run or work out. Remember, the key to a healthy lifestyle is balance. You cannot run for an hour in the morning after getting very little sleep only to then rush to the fast food restaurant at lunchtime because you’re running late for a business meeting.

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